10 Fun Virtual Event Engagement Ideas

For the uninitiated, hosting a virtual event can be a daunting task, but thanks to the global epidemic, it’s swiftly becoming the industry standard. Virtual events have had a successful year in 2020, despite the fact that many event professionals are still unfamiliar with the concept.

Virtual engagement has been one of the main challenges during this transition, so it’s critical to keep things fresh and exciting to differentiate virtual events from basic webinars and keep attendees interested. Virtual events can be successful and profitable, and being able to do so is becoming increasingly vital as most live events are on pause indefinitely.

With that in mind, here are the 10 engagement ideas to get you started arranging your next online event.

Real-Time Illustrations

Bringing in artists to make real-time illustrations is a terrific approach to engage your audience with something different. These gifted illustrators create artwork in real-time as panel discussions take place, offering a graphical representation of the speakers and takeaways that is interesting, instructive, and, most importantly, easily shared. These graphics can also be utilized in marketing materials in the future.

Competitions or live games

Including sponsors and exhibitors as part of a competition is a unique method to deliver interactive demos while also involving the audience. Furthermore, this type of engagement will encourage visitors to return to and interact with the event’s social media pages to find out who won.

Bring in celebrity guests

TV stars, Olympic athletes, comedians, musicians, and even adored renowned pets can be hired for fast-recorded greetings or as event guests. Hire a celebrity to make a cameo appearance in a video that will be shown at your virtual event. They can also show up to provide some excitement to a session or to motivate the team.

Create jigsaw puzzles for your audience

Use your brand logo or a mystery image to create a collaborative jigsaw puzzle. You can use any photo from the internet for multiplayer mode and share the game with others via a short link. It is completely free and may be accessed via a web browser on mobile devices. The jigsaw can also be used as part of a virtual escape room game.

Introduce some real-world experience

You may take the virtual concept even farther by modeling your virtual venue after a real-world meeting facility. For example, your virtual event conference may be set up to look like a real conference room, complete with chat windows where attendees can converse. For this, you will need state-of-the-art audio and lighting to capture your audience’s attention.

Although not quite virtual reality, these environments allow participants to experience familiar components of event spaces in a virtual manner rather than simply browsing through screens and movies that all look the same. Using design components to give your event a distinct look and feel will help to identify it from others, as well as differentiating different areas within the event.

Here are the five other top engagement ideas that you may implement in your upcoming virtual event.

  • Encourage group activities
  • Use a digital whiteboard for brainstorming ideas
  • Nominate the best performers from your audience to keep them motivated
  • Host a trivia session in between event phases
  • Host fun quizzes

Implementing the above-mentioned strategies will help you improve your virtual event’s engagement rate and your audience will keep coming back for more.

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