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Chauvet Wireless Hex 4 Uplight

The Freedom Par Hex-4 is the most colorful model in the next generation of the Freedom Par family. It has four 10-watt RGBAW+UV LEDs for that extra punch and the special effects that white and UV add to color mixing. The Freedom Par Hex-4 has a special limiter option for extending battery life so that when you use more than 4 colors you know you’ll get a good long show!

Chauvet Wireless Hex 4 Uplight

American-Par64-plus | Wireless Uplights

These portable wireless up-lights are great for any function.

  • Battery powered ultra bright Par 64 with 176, 10mm LEDs.
  • Smooth RGB color mixing with rich palettes of color created by mixing the Red, Green and Blue LEDs (fast or slow color change operation)
  • Rechargeable Lithium battery built-in to fixture
  • Flicker Free

Chauvet Intimidator 350 Pro

The Chauvet Intimidator QSpot 350 Pro gives you an intelligent moving head hybrid spot and wash light in a single unit. This unit can also perform as a spot light or GOBO light with moving and color changing capabilties.

Lighting Truss | 6ft or 8ft

These truss / totem systems can be used to secure your lighting rental in a variety of different positons. Creating an amazing effect that will be sure to wow any audience.

The trusses are available with white dress kits that can be illuminated with up-lights, black dress kits for a more classic look or can be bare for a more modern and edgy feel.

ScorpDual – Lazer Light

The Chauvet DJ Scorpion Dual boasts a dual FAT BEAM aerial laser that combines nicely with fog and haze. This exciting effect features a dual mirror output that makes a dazzling centerpiece for your light show. Or use a pair of Scorpion Duals to create mesmerizing side accents. You get 32 built-in patterns to get you started, including the popular “laser sky” effect. 

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