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Product Features 12in Two-Way Powered Lightweight Loudspeaker Power Handling Peak: 2000 watts RMS: 1000 watts Lightweight portable powered speakers with legendary QSC amplifier power and reliability Built-In class D amplifier Extensive DSP enhances system performance Attractive and professional appearance Rugged ABS enclosure Tour-grade 18 gauge steel grilles Power, Signal A, Signal B, Standby, Limit, Mic LED indicators Thermal limiting, output overcurrent, overtemperature muting, GuardRail amplifier protection Ergonomic handles with comfortable, non-slip grip DMT (Directivity Matched Transition) provides for matched LF and HF coverage across the entire listening area, eliminating unnatural indeadin or inhotin frequency zones Intrinsic Correction, first featured in our high-end line-array products maps 65-75 spacially-averaged measurements to IIR and FIR filters that actively adjust time, frequency and amplitude response to a maximally flat bandpass target.


JBL VRX932LAP Line Array Powered PA Speaker

The JBL VRX932LAP 12-inch Two-Way speaker powered by the DPC2 amplifier module from Crown. Delivering stunning JBL sound in an attractive easy to use cabinet, the VRX932LAP delivers both convenience and unmatched reliability reinforcement in Large-size venues and Live Concerts Entertainers. Built-in JBL Drive Pack DPC2 amplifier module Crown provides 1750 Watts of peak power. DSP-based resident input module provides system optimization and EQ. The JBL’s VRX900 Series speakers deliver extraordinary power handling, clarity, flexibility.

QSC KLA12 12inch 1000 Watt Two-Way Line Array Active Loudspeaker

QSC KLA12 Line Array 2-way Line Array Element Powered PA Speaker features a 12-inch low frequency transducer coupled with a 1.75-inch compression driver. Designed to be used exclusively as a fixed arcuate line array, each KLA12 speaker is set at a 90-degree horizontal by 18-degree vertical splay angle, allowing 90-degree vertical coverage arrays to be configured using only five boxes. 500 x 500 watt power module provides plenty of power to cover large areas.

QSC KW181 1000W 18″ Powered Subwoofer

The QSC KW181 is an 18″ sub with 1000 Class D continuous output, and extended bass in a lighter birch enclosure. Building on the success of QSC’s K Series, the KW181 subwoofer, like the rest of QSC’s KW active loudspeakers, represents QSC’s next evolutionary step in wood enclosure loudspeakers. The system engineers created the KW series to feature all the groundbreaking electronic attributes of the popular K Series while at the same time designing a product that is both smaller and significantly lighter than previous wood enclosure models.

QSC KS212C K Cardioid Active Subwoofer Speaker

The QSC KS112 provides top-shelf low-end enhancement for your K Series powered speaker system. This 2,000-watt active subwoofer features a sixth order bandpass design, which provides incredible low-frequency response. QSC’s revolutionary Intrinsic Correction tuning actively optimizes time, frequency, and amplitude to achieve the best sound possible. Setup is a breeze, thanks to a variable crossover with savable/recallable scenes for common applications. The versatile KS112 features M20-threaded sockets that allow deployment in either vertical or horizontal positions, and comes complete with low-noise, heavy-duty casters and a rugged painted wood enclosure.


SOUNDBOKS is the ultimate speaker for indoor/outdoor parties and events. It delivers extreme volume up to 122db with amazing sound quality, maximum battery life of 40 hours, plug and play blue tooth or AUX capability.

JBL VRX 900 Series Line Array System

JBL’s VRX900 Series Constant Curvature Line Arrays lead the industry in large venue sound reinforcement. JBL’s VRX900 Series speakers deliver extraordinary power handling, clarity, flexibility and, of course, stunning JBL sound in an attractive, easy to handle and affordable package. The VRX932LAP is a powered, lightweight, compact 12″ two-way line-array speaker system designed for use in arrays of up to five units. VRX932LAP is the ideal choice when line-array performance is needed and a fast and easy setup is vital. The VRX918SP is a powered, suspendable subwoofer system containing a 2268FF neodymium magnet, patented Differential Drive, 18″ woofer in a front-loaded, vented enclosure. The VRX918SP was designed specifically for use in arrays with the VRX932LAP Line Array speaker and VRX-AF Array Frame. In addition, it may also be used in arrays consisting entirely of VRX918SP subwoofers.

Concert Series System QSC Line Array System Up to 2500 People

This concert series system brings you nothing but the best!

Providing amazing sound quality for a crowd of up to 1000+ people. Set comes complete with the following:

  • Ten QSC-KLA12 Line Array Tops
  • Eight KLA181 Line Array Subwoofers
  • Three QSC K12.2 Speakers (Monitors)
  • Flying Truss system
  • Two Wireless Microphones
  • Four DI Boxes
  • One snake
  • One 32 Channel Digital Mixing Board
  • All Necessary Cable ​​and wiring are included

You can customize this order with any of our microphones, mixers and more

Yamaha Mixer

(Included with Speaker rental packages)

Yamaha MG10XU analog mixer is well-suited for small, portable rigs, with its rich features and outstanding sound quality. The MG10XU’s quality op-amp ensures that your mix sounds transparent and articulate. The MG10XU’s crystal clear D-PRE preamps will squeeze every drop of tone from your mics, with natural-sounding bass and smooth highs. Featuring onboard digital effects, switchable phantom power, a pad switch, one-knob compressors, EQ, and LED metering, the MG10XU can take on just about any task you throw at it. Utilizing many state-of-the-art features from Yamaha’s high-end consoles, the MG10XU is ready to work for you!

Yamaha MG10XU analog mixer

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